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108 Harley Street’s Consultants featured in The Daily Mail’s Good Doctors Guide- the Best Surgeons for Breast Cancer


6 June 2018

The Daily Mail canvased the views of more than 260 consultants across seven specialties from around the country and asked them this very simple, but key question:

If your nearest and dearest were to need treatment in your field, to whom would you refer them and why?

The consultants who earned the most votes from their peers are the ones who made it into the guides – though patients should bear in mind that this was not a scientific study. 108’s very own Breast Consultant Fiona MacNeill and Plastic Surgeon Stuart James made it onto the Best Surgeons for Breast Cancer list and appeared in the published article on 6 June 2018.

Here’s what Fiona MacNeill’s peers said about her:

‘Incredibly experienced, technically gifted and with an international reputation. She is also kind, really caring, is a good diagnostician and she looks after her patients very well,’ says a fellow surgeon. ‘Will give a very sensible opinion on how best to manage difficult cases and her patients can feel reassured that the best decisions for their treatment are being made.’

Here’s what Stuart James’ peers said about him:

‘Tremendous, technically brilliant and really understands aesthetics — for a man, he really gets it,’ says one of his peers.

‘He is also a very good communicator and is one of the few plastic surgeons who understands that the person sitting in front of him has a serious illness and that tackling this is all about team effort and is not only a matter of breast enhancement.

‘Caring, but not touchy-feely.’

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