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The NHS has recently suspended breast screening for women 71 and over due to COVID 19, leaving many not receiving their much required breast screening.

If you have no symptoms and wish to book in an appointment for your annual breast screening you can get in touch with our team directly at 0207 563 1234 or email us at

You are required to be registered with a NHS GP. GP information will be taken while you are booking your appointment.


Higher risk

Women aged 71 years old and above are at a higher chance of getting breast cancer than younger women as the risk only increses with age. 1 in 3 breast cancer cases are found in women over 71 years.

Fees & payments

We have set up special prices for NHS patients to help you get your screening done in a timely manner. You can avil of these prices by using the code: 108-NHS-aid

Breast screening

Have youhad your breast screening done lately? Find out all the guidlines on regular breast screening to prevent breast cancer.

Breast self check

It is so important to check and look for any unusual chnges in your breast. Early detection is key when it comes to fighting breast cancer.

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