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Beyond 108

How can PRP treat knee joint injuries?

Professor Paul Lee goes into detail about how Platelet rich plasma differs depending on the various conditions it could be used to treat.

Stop Press: Women Get Hernias Too!

As hernias are much more common in men than in women (for reasons I shall explain later) it is not surprising that some people think that women don’t get them at all. But, of course, they still can. What is a Hernia? The technical definition of a hernia, that was drummed into us as medical students is “the protrusion of part, or the whole, of a viscus through the wall of th ...

Looking at Rugby Players’ Groins!

Watching Johnny May score 3 tries in under half an hour against France recently really emphasised the importance of all the training and conditioning that is required to make a world class athlete. The speed, power, strength and agility that he showed, with such sporting devastation, was the end result of hard work, not only from him, but also of all of his “backroom” team. The ...

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