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Moles are harmless (benign) but malignant melanoma is a type of skin cancer which can arise from a mole or just appear. The clues that a spot on the skin might be cancerous include changes in the size, shape and colour.


Monitoring your moles can alert you to changes which might indicate the signs of melanoma.

You should be concerned about a mole if there is a change in shape, size or colour.

If malignant melanoma is detected early it can usually be cured but more advanced skin cancers can be very serious.

Signs of possible melanoma are:

A – asymmetry: when each half of the mole looks different

B – border: an irregular or jagged border

C – colour: multiple colours in a mole

D – diameter greater than 6mm

E – evolution or change in a mole

If you are concerned about your moles you can discuss with your GP if you need to see a specialist. We offer mole checks including a full skin examination and advice on caring for your skin in the sun and how to self-check your moles.

Yes, moles can turn into melanoma and hence should be always monitored. If there are any changes to your mole you should get your mole checked.

Yes, you can get your mole taken out. We do so in our in clinic day surgery centre by one of our experienced consultant dermatologists.

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