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Following surgery, the nurse will provide you with wound care advice.

They will also make an appointment for you to attend for the removal of sutures and to discuss the histopathology results, where appropriate.

After the biopsy you should:

  • Rest for 12 hours. Avoid any strenuous activity for the first 48 hours (longer if the biopsy is near a joint or on the back) 
  • The local anaesthetic will wear off in one to two hours. Take regular paracetamol if there is any discomfort (follow the instructions on the packet for the dose)
  • If the wound has been covered with a dressing, you will be advised when it should be removed. Ideally it should not be disturbed until this time. Keep the dressing clean and dry.
  • If the wound has not been covered with a dressing it may have been smeared with an antibiotic ointment which you should not disturb for 24 hours. After this time. After this time you may gently wash the wound daily with tap water, patting but not rubbing it dry
  • If there are stitches, you will be advised when and where they will be removed before you leave

You will need to arrange a further appointment in the clinic; this is normally arranged before you leave the clinic following your procedure.

No results will be given by phone or email.

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