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To prepare for the procedure you should follow the steps below:

  • Prepare a list of any tablets or medicines you are taking, note any allergies you have and bring this with you. You should continue taking your normal medicine unless you have been specifically advised not to.
  • Continue taking aspirin and clopidrogrel (unless you have been specifically asked not to)
  • Make sure you have a supply of your usual painkiller, such as paracetamol, at home to take for discomfort after your operation.
  • Eat and drink normally, however, light meals are preferable on the day of the procedure
  • Wear loose clothing that is easy to remove if needed. For procedures on the feet or lower legs, wear loose footwear or sandals that can accommodate dressings

Your INR (international normalized ratio) needs to be 2.5 or less for the procedure to be carried out. Please inform your anticoagulation service of this and the date of your procedure will be on. You should arrange to have an INR test 5 days before your surgery date. You should also follow the advice below:

  • If the INR is 2.5 or less, 5 days before surgery, stay on the same dose of warfarin. A further INR test is not required
  • If the INR is greater than 2.5 or less, 5 days before surgery, please ask your anticoagulation service to reduce your dose accordingly. Arrange a further INR test before 1 or 2 days before surgery if you can.

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