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You will be given antibiotics during the surgery to prevent any infection.

Utmost care would be taken to keep optimal temperature control to aid the body to recover quickly from anaesthesia.

A constant monitoring of fluid balance will be undertaken to maintain hydration. Where feasible your operation will be performed by Keyhole to aid in quick recovery.

If the surgery was straight forward, you will be allowed free fluids/light diet as tolerated. We will administer IV fluids to maintain hydration and the urine catheter will stay to help avoid too much moiblization. You will have a plan from the anaesthetist regarding pain management post-surgery.

You will also be taught how to perform deep breathing exercises and leg exercises to prevent infection and clots in the leg. You will have medications for sickness.

If your operation was performed by keyhole, we would encourage you to mobilize and remove the catheter. We would also advise you to slowly build up on food and fluid intake. You will be provided with pain killers, anti-sickness tablets and stool softeners. We would advise you to take them regularly for 5 days which would help in enhanced recovery.

If your pain is under control and you are tolerating light diet we will plan discharge and let you go home. Often with key hole operations you will be home the same day or next day. With operations involving a tummy cut (laparotomy) you will stay in the hospital for 2-3 days.

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