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Breast screening during COVID-19

For NHS patients

Due to the current situation with the NHS, many are faced with indefinite appointment cancellations, particularly for breast cancer screening. With the risk of breast cancer increasing with age, screening is crucial for women 50 and over.

We at 108 Harley Street London Breast clinic have introduced breast screening price reductions for NHS patients 50 and over with no symptoms to ensure diagnosis, treatment and care in a COVID safe environment.

Patients with no symptoms can self refer for their mammograms but NEED to be registered with a NHS GP.


Women 71 and over at higher risk

Women aged 71 years old and above are at a higher chance of getting breast cancer than younger women as the risk only increses with age. 1 in 3 breast cancer cases are found in women over 71 years.

Fees & payments

We have put in place affordable pricing for NHS patients to help detect breast abnormalities and beat cancer.

Your consultant

Your diagnosis and care will be led by our expert breast consultants Mr Simon Marsh & Mr Jason Lee to help give you the best individualised care you need.

Breast screening service

Have you had your breast screening done lately? Find out all the guidlines on regular breast screening to prevent breast cancer.

Our walk in clinic and screening center led by expert breast consultant surgeons Mr Simon Marsh & Mr Jason Lee along with their world class multi-disciplary team are here to help you with your breast examination and treatment plan.

Same day apointments are available with reduced Consultation and Imaging fees for NHS patients while ensuring a COVID safe environment for our patients, staff and consultants.

Frequently asked questions

To book in your appointment you can contact our team directly on 0207 563 12354 or email us at You will be screened by a member of staff over the phone or via email to ensure the safety of our patients, staff and consultants.

Please use the code 108-NHS-aid while booking your appointment.

If you are a new patient please fill in our registration form.

To be eligable for the special NHS rate, you need to be:

  • 50 and over with no breast symptoms
  • registered with a NHS GP. GP details will be asked for at the time of registration.

Our multi-disciplinary breast care team led by our Surgical Director Mr Simon Marsh along with Mr Jason Lee will be incharge of your care and treatment.

While booking your appointment please use the code: 108-NHS-aid

Package prices:

Initial Consultation 100
Follow - up Consultation 80
Bilateral Mammogram 150
Unilateral Mammogram 100
Bilateral Breast Ultrasound 150
Unilateral Breast Ultrasound 100
Bilateral Breast & Axilla Ultrasound 175
Unilateral Breast & Axilla Ultrasound 150
3D Bilateral Mammogram 175
3D Unilateral Mammogram 150

On arrival to the clinic, your temperature will be taken by a registered nurse.

  • Arrive only 5 minutes before your appointment.
  • We kindly request you to come in on your own. Incase you do need to bring in a chaparone / intepreter on the day please let our staff know while booking in the appointment.
  • 2 meters distance policy
  • Payment by card is highly recomended to ensure safety.
  • If you suffer on any symptoms, please reschedule your appointment.

If you, or anyone in your household/family, had a cough or temperature in between booking your appointment and the day of your appointment, please telephone us to re-arrange it.

If you have symptoms in the last 2 weeks, PLEASE do let our team know at the time of booking and we will arrange a date safe for us all.

  • To ensure the safety of our patients and staff, PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) will be provided to all staff.
  • Your temperature will be taken at the door when you come in for your appointment.
  • Social distancing is to be maintained at all times in clinic under strict guidelines.
  • Deep cleaning of the clinic areas/room.

We wish to accommodate, and help, as many patients as we can and aim to do so by reducing the appointment time.

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