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While booking your appointment during this period, please use the code: 108-NHS-aid

Initial Consultation 100
Follow - up Consultation 80
Bilateral Mammogram 150
Unilateral Mammogram 100
Bilateral Breast Ultrasound 150
Unilateral Breast Ultrasound 100
Bilateral Breast & Axilla Ultrasound 175
Unilateral Breast & Axilla Ultrasound 150
3D Bilateral Mammogram 175
3D Unilateral Mammogram 150

Own Accounts

All payments for consultations and treatments for self-paying patients will be taken prior to appointments. Payments can be made online or by telephone.

An indication of consultation and investigation fees can be given in advance of any appointment based upon standard outcomes. These are for guidance only and are not binding.

A letter of guarantee (LOG) is required for all International Insured patients, if this cannot be provided on the day you will be required to pay in full and claim back from your Insurance Company.

Patients without a permanent UK/EU address will receive a medical package (surgeon and anaesthetist) but must pay the hospital directly for its services.

Operations are only confirmed upon full payment of 108 Harley Street invoice.  

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