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Breast screening service

Have you had your breast screening done lately? Find out all the guidlines on regular breast screening to prevent breast cancer.


Same day appointments available for your x-ray examination.

Our team

Our multi-disciplinary team of world renowned radiologists and radiographers are here to help give you the best individualised care you need. Find out more about our xray & imaging centre team.

Fees & payments

If you are a self paying patient, sponsored patient or an insured patient, all your xray & imaging clinic fees and payment information can be found here.

Why is regular Breast Screening so important?

Mr Simon Marsh, Consultant Breast Surgeon and surgical director here at 108 Harley Street, emphasizes on why regular Breast screening is important to help fight against breast cancer or any other breast ailments.

Early detection can help treat Breast Cancer much successfully - is what he advices.

"A multi-disciplinary centre of excellence dedicated to helping you with the highest standard of professional care.

Our promise is to always listen."

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